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*Most gi descriptions are created and maintained by the manufacturers themselves and are their sole responsibility. If you have any questions about a gi's features, please contact the manufacturer directly. Tangled Triangle LLC (DBA GiFreak) is not liable for any discrepancies. 

Product Name Material Weave Manufacturer
Palladium Weave Cotton Double (pesado)
Single Weave Cotton Single (leve)
Atama Women's Leticia Ribeiro Limited Edition Kimono Vol.1 Cotton Single (leve)
Atama Woman's Pink Kyra Gracie Limited Edition Kimono Vol.2 Cotton Single (leve)
Atama Mundial Model #9 Other Hybrid/Pearl/other proprietary weave
Atama Double Weave Cotton Double (pesado)
Atama Gold Weave Cotton Gold
Márcio "Pé de Pano" Cruz Signature Limited Edition Grey STAMP Cotton Hybrid/Pearl/other proprietary weave
Stamp White/Black Cotton Hybrid/Pearl/other proprietary weave
Redstar Original - Competition Light Cotton Gold


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