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Tell me about gis.

For a step by step guide, check out our How-To page here. It'll get you going in the process and hook you up with some great resources. 

Want more? Check out the BJJ Gi Buying Guide Part I, Part II and Part III, courtesy of

We could explain it, but it's been done really well already at MMAOutlet and MKimonos

Again, start at our GiSearch and search on the left under the price category for the range that you're comfortable with. If you want more direct recommendations, check this article at BJJGearJunkie out. They've answered about every gi related question you can possibly think of. 

Gi-wearin' Folk

It’s possible that the gi of your dreams doesn’t yet exist. It’s also possible it’s just not in our catalogue. If you know it’s out there and the manufacturer isn’t listed here, shoot them an email and let them know you were looking for them here. The more kimonos we have listed here, the better it works for everybody.
If for some reason you suspect there really is a problem, email us so we can get it fixed ASAP.


We rely on our manufacturers to be as accurate as possible when posting their material. We’re all human though and it’s best to check with the organization running the competition you plan on entering well before making any purchase decisions. 


No, we work with martial arts gis, not people with gastrointestinal (GI) issues…we do wish you luck though. 


Nope. We are not a manufacturer. We just work to be the best place on the internet for you to visit before you buy. 


Gi-makin' Folk

Just shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to get what makes your gis special out in front of people’s faces. 


We want people to see products in the most neutral environment possible. Sure, we love creativity, but there are kids here and we won’t post anything we deem inappropriate. 


Right now, we just want to get people looking at the gis that suit their needs and other sites do a great job at that. In the future though, we may offer the ability to buy and sell through the site if enough manufacturers are interested.  


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