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Use this form (below "Editorial Guidelines") to submit articles and photographs for inclusion in our magazine. Please us standard English. We love a relaxed tone, but please use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible. We've found that reading a work out loud before submitting will point out a lot of issues. If you have any issues, please email us at Thanks!

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GiFreak is a quarterly international publication dedicated to the community, practice and lifestyle of Brazilian jiu jitsu. We write for all students and fans of BJJ. We are looking for smart, simple writing on topics around the arts, sciences, business and people of BJJ. We accept work from students, bloggers, artists, professional writers, photographers, scientists and anyone wanting to share their work or experiences.

We are excited to receive submissions both for our print and online publications. Print submissions should range between 500 and 2000 words. Anything outside that range will be considered for our online content or extended into the online platform.

Prospective GiFreak writers should familiarize themselves with recent content. For online content, visit For a digital or print copy of the publication, visit


GiFreak is looking for work by people who care about the BJJ community. We will provide editing for anything we post, but we appreciate well-written, grammatically sound works. We love pieces about the sciences of BJJ (sociology, microbiology, medicine, you name it) and especially like pieces that are written to give something to the reader.

For the website, current events are fine. For our print publication, we’re looking for work that will be interesting and applicable not only today, but also a year from now, no matter who the stars of the game are (there’s more leeway for art).

Sections for the site and print publication below:

“The Spirit”-A focus on arts and entertainment created and appreciated by the world of BJJ practitioners. Video, photography, paintings, music, writing, etc.

“The People”-Dedicated to history, events and the impact that training has on the individual and the community as a whole. This includes charitable events, as well as personal stories of the way BJJ has changed lives.

“The Academy”-Instruction, gym life and topics around the day-to-day training and teaching of jiu jitsu. We don’t cover a lot of technique, but if you have new insight into application, send it over!

“The Business”-A reflective look at the money and industry of BJJ--Current events, advice, experiences, research, statistics, etc.

“The Body”-A perspective on how jiu jitsu influences our physical and mental selves.

Payment for work will be made at the discretion of GiFreak, where appropriate. Address all queries to

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Submission Form

Terms & Conditions

If we Tangled Triangle LLC DBA GiFreak, ("Us", “Our” or "We") wish to feature your submission we will email you back as soon as possible. If your submission is not accepted we may not respond, but please feel free to submit for a future publications. We do pay for submissions that are selected for our periodic releases, but that is done at our own discretion. Any expenses or costs of your shoot are at your own risk. We may give free copies of the magazine, but that is done at our own discretion. GiFreak only accepts unpublished content. Any content you submit to GiFreak, must NOT be published in any other magazine. GiFreak takes no fault for errors in material issued. We do not guarantee that all or any photo’s accepted will be used, and reserve the right to incorporate graphics and design as needed for layout etc.
1. You retain ownership of the copyright in your photograph or writing as its author and you are free to republish it wherever you wish and in whatever medium you want.
2. We cannot consider photographs submitted on behalf of another person.
3. Photographs and articles are selected for publication at the sole discretion of the GiFreak team. 
4. By submitting a photograph or article you: a) give us permission to publish it in on, b) grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to republish it in electronic and print formats; and c) you give us permission to use your name, website, and town or city of residence if submitted for the purpose of identifying you as the author of your work.
5. We may edit, cut, crop or arrange your articles, photograph(s) or graphic as we think fit to appear on the web site and print media, and we may remove your photograph(s) or graphics at any time. Your name will be published alongside your photograph(s) or graphic, but we reserve the right to edit or delete any comments which you submit along with your photograph(s) or graphic.
6. By submitting your photograph for publication you represent and warrant that it is your own original work, is not copied, and does not contain any third-party materials and/or content that you do not have permission to use. You further warrant and represent that your photograph is not obscene, defamatory or in breach of any applicable legislation or regulations. You also warrant that you have the full legal consent to distribute the images of any subject involved. 
7. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted according to US law and the United States courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising in connection with them.
~No pornographic, or offensive photos
~No profane, racist, homophobic, sexist or derrogatory content
~No content encouraging any unethical or illegal practices, personal or professional

Photo Submissions

~Publications are created in both digital and print versions and require high res images. Preferably 3888x2592 or higher. If image is to be printed full page, a higher resolution may be requested. 
~Label images with your FIRST & LAST NAME. For example: johnsmith_01.jpg, johnsmith_02.jpg...
~Credit will be given, so please provide your name and company name if applicable in the submission box. 
By submitting your work, you are agreeing to the above terms.

Thank you and we appreciate your interest in GiFreak!