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HOWARD COMBAT KIMONOS (HCK) is the original super premium BJJ uniform in North America, introduced in 1996. Known for it's legendary quality, durability, and impeccable craftsmanship, HCK is recognized as the World's finest grappling uniform. We are proud to introduce our latest uniform.

This is a 100% cotton Rip Stop weave Jiu Jitsu uniform that is very light weight but steely strong. The pants are made of the same fabric as the jacket. The uniform is made of 420 gram 100% cotton woven in the rip stop pattern, unlike the typical rip stop weave that is a poly/cotton blend. The all cotton weave makes for a very breatheable and comfortable fabric, with a balanced strength within the fabric. Poly/cotton blends are not as breatheable and because polyester threads are stronger than cotton threads, there is an imbalance of strength to the fabric which can result in the fabric tearing under stress, such as pulling and tugging. Jacket features include stiff felt collar, setsugi stitching, taped seams for a more comfortable finish, and all logos are embroidered. The pants are made of the same 420 gram fabric, with a 280 gram twill padding from the the top of the thigh all the down to the end of the pant cuff, elastic waist band with an inner drawstring. All uniforms come in regular, short/stocky and tall/lean sizes. Available in White, Blue or Black

HCK uses the International system of sizing not Brazilian - A1 = 3, A2 = 4, A3 = 5, A4 = 6, A5 = 7. short/stocky (.5), tall/lean (.75)

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Where to Buy

(888) 579-8406


  • Minimalist (lots of room for patches)
Available Sizes
  • A2 (4)
  • A2 Long
  • A3 (5)
  • A3 Long
  • A4 (6)
  • Half Sizes
  • Mixed sized tops/bottoms
Collar Thickness
Very Thick
  • White
  • Royal Blue
  • Black
Customization Available (embroidery, patches, team uniforms, etc.)
  • Extended sizes
  • Longer limbs
  • Shorter limbs
  • Broad torso
  • Slim
  • Stocky
Price Range
  • $100-150 (£63-95) (R$182-273)
Seller Country
United States
Sleeve and Leg Openings
Wash Care
  • Dryer safe

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