Give a gi! Valencia's project

Give a gi! Valencia's project

 7-year old Valencia plans on collecting gis and sending them to kids in other countries. She got the idea looking through Jiu Jitsu Magazine, where she saw an article about kids in Brazil who didn’t have gis to train in (you also have the very cool option of including a card with your donated gi, translated into each child’s native tongue). She cites the video below of Kyra Gracie as another inspiration on her efforts to reach out to other children.

“My gi was getting small and I figured I could take my old gi and donate it to someone in Brazil!  I told my parents that maybe I could get my BJJ friends to do the same thing.  Then I came up with the idea that we could help more people if they did this too.  I go to homeschool and my mom and dad said we could make this a school project.  I decided to call it “The Gi Project!”

So my dad and I made a website. I thought if I had a website I could tell even more people.   They could even send me all the used gi’s and we could clean them and fix them up to send to friends in Brazil.   BJJ has taught me to be more confident and learn how to be a problem solver not a problem maker!I love BJJ and I hope that other kid’s get a chance to learn it too.”

Valencia’s recently been added to The 100′s hall of fame. If you want to support her efforts by donating a gi, or learn more about her work, check out her site here. Great work Valencia!!

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